Vida by taratjah-d96gmv9
General Information
Age 16-17
Nicknames Vi
Psi Ability Blue
Status Alive and living life to the fullest baby!
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown (Dyed Electric Blue cause she's pure badass)
Eyes Brown
Romances Chubs
Allies The Children's League
Ruby Daly
Liam Stewart
Catherine Connor
Other Information
Appearances Never Fade
In The Afterlight
Portrayed By IDK

Vida is a pure goddess and a badasss. Also a member of the Children's League.


Early Life Edit

Never FadeEdit

Vida is a part of the Children's League and is on Ruby's team. She is initially upset that Ruby is the team leader despite the fact that Ruby is the newest member to the team and Ruby always gets what she wants cause she's a stuck up brat. Vida has blue abilities and is very good at using them. Vida is sent on the mission to bring back "Prisoner 27" who turns out to be Cole Stewart. On this mission Vida defies Ruby's command but ultimately helps Ruby in rescuing Cole although she is reluctant to do so.

Vida is a very angry person and does not like to allow others to get close to her cause she salty as fuuuu. This is seen when she meets new people, such as Ruby or Chubs, by her open hostility towards them. She is closest to Cate who used to be her social worker before the IAAN outbreak. It is told later that Vida's sister tried turning Vida in to the PSF, but Cate saved her from this fate. Whenever anything bad happens to Cate, Vida is the first to react and the first to blame someone else for putting Cate in harms way.

Although Vida does not show it, she cares deeply about her team: Nico, Jude, and Ruby. She does all she can to protect them, especially Jude who is the youngest. She feels betrayed when Ruby seems to be breaking off from the team to be with her old friends when they reunite with Chubs then Liam in Never Fade, and even more so when Zu comes back in the picture in In The Afterlight.

Vida and Ruby form a close bond over the course of the last two books as they finally talk to each other about their feelings and help each other process what has happened.

Vida forms a romantic attachment with Chubs when they are sent on a mission together and spend many cold nights sleeping in a tent. Although Chubs claims the relationship is purely physical, it is clear that there are feelings between them and it is accepted that they are a couple by the end of the series.

Vida is ultimately accepted into Ruby's original friend group of Chubs, Liam, and Zu as shown in the final chapter of In The Afterlight.

In The AfterlightEdit

Vida is cold and hostile at first, but she is loyal till the end. YEAH

Physical DescriptionEdit

Vida is said to be of mixed ethnicity, with rich brown skin and electric blue hair. She is described as beautiful enough to be a model. AND A BADASS QUEEN!