Suzume Kimura
General Information
Age 11-13 (Original Trilogy)
17 (The Darkest Legacy)
Nicknames Zu
Psi Ability Yellow
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Romances Roman Volkov
Family Unnamed Uncle
Hina (cousin)
Allies Liam Stewart
Ruby Daly
Roman Volkov
Priyanka Acharya
Other Information
Appearances The Darkest Minds
In Time
In The Afterlight
The Darkest Legacy
Mentioned Liam's Story
Never Fade

Suzume, better known by her nickname "Zu", is one of Ruby's traveling companions and a Yellow.


Early LifeEdit

Zu was captured when her mother and father set her up after she electrocuted her dad's car because they are assholes! It is believed they did not love her cause they mean!

The Darkest MindsEdit

After she, Liam Stewart, Ruby Daly, Charles "Chubs" Meriwether reach East River, she meets her cousin, Hina. After a time there, she decides to travel in a tribe with her cousin, and a few friends and ditch Ruby, Liam, and Chubs' asses! She asked Ruby to find her when all of that was over. She wanted to tell Ruby something, but she didn't know how to say it yet cause she scared!

In TimeEdit

After being separated from Hina and her friends she is captured by a tracker named Gabe. He ties her up but does not seem to know what to do. Gabe eventually feels bad enough to let Zu free and he agrees to take her to find Hina and the others. When they find Zu's friends, however, they shoot Gabe, fatally wounding him, before realizing he had helped Zu.

Never FadeEdit

Suzume does not make a direct appearance in this novel cuz she be dealing with loads of shit right now. According, to Chubs, Zu is doing fine. He knows this because when he pretended to be a skip tracer he kept tabs on everyone which makes him a freakin stalker!

In The AfterlightEdit

Zu is reunited with her friends and after some time chooses to be filmed on television so people can see how children are being treated. On television she finally decides to speak.


She chooses to speak by writing or making gestures. Suzume appears to be very compassionate and caring when it comes to others.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Zu is said to be quite small as Ruby refers to her as an eight year old when she is actually 11. She is apparently quite adorable which is why she was chosen as a representative to be on television. She has short cropped black hair in the book and very long black hair in the movie. She is always seen wearing yellow rubber gloves.


Ruby Daly: Zu is very close to Ruby even though she has not known her for a long time. They joke around together and are tight knit.

Liam Stewart: Zu regards Liam as an older brother who tries his hardest to protect her. Protecting her can sometimes lead to him lying to her in order to maintane her innocence.

Charles "Chubs" Meriwether: Chubs cares a great deal for Zu, although does not believe in 'lying' to her about how things will get better as Liam does. After Zu declared that she would be leaving East River for her cousin Hina's beach home in California, Chubs becomes especially worried and reluctant to let her go.