Samantha "Sam" Dahl is a Green who was previously incarcerated at Thurmond. She was Ruby's closest friend in the camp – until Ruby accidentally erased her memories of their friendship.


Early LifeEdit

The Darkest MindsEdit

Sam is shown as a very brave person who isn't afraid to take risks for her friends, including occasionally standing up against the PSFs in Thurmond. She is introduced to the book when her and Ruby both get rounded up together, and are beside each other during an Orange's escape attempt. During this, she easily stands out among the other girls – catching Ruby's attention and eventually both becoming best friends. This friendship continues for 5 years, until one day, Ruby gets teased and humiliated by a PSF. When Sam stands up for Ruby, Ruby backs out, ultimately leading to her punishment. She returns to the cabin after a few days, and Ruby, trying to comfort her, erases her memories of her. It's at this time that Sam asks for her name and crushes the urge to ever talk to Ruby, now a stranger to her, ever again. They both don't talk to each other for nearly a year before Ruby is snuck out of Thurmond with the help of the Children's League.

In The AfterlightEdit

When Ruby turns herself in to the PSFs, she returns to Cabin 27, her former cabin. Sam, along with the other Green girls, ultimately make an appearance when they return from their duties, seeing Ruby for the first time in a long while. During Ruby's stay, Sam asks her to undo what she's done to her to make her forget. Ruby restores Sam's memories of her completely, and the two hold hands as they sleep. Before Ruby had escaped to the Control Tower, she entrusted Sam to go with the scene she made as an excuse for her to be pulled away. Through only eye contact, Sam understands and plays along. When Thurmond finally falls, Sam makes no other appearance.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Sam is described by Ruby in The Darkest Minds, where she says she has long tangled dark blond hair, and fierce-looking dark eyes. She has a small pink scar that curves between her top lip and her nose, and the first time Ruby sees her, she notices that someone had cut the wires from her braces, but had left the metal nubs glued to her front teeth.


Ruby DalyEdit

Sam and Ruby were best friends during their incarceration at Thurmond.

Lucas OrfeoEdit