Liam Stewart
General Information
Age 17-18
Nicknames Lee, the General, (Boy Scout)
Psi Ability Blue
Status Alive
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Romances Ruby Daly
Family Unnamed Father
Harry Stewart (stepfather)
Grace Stewart (mother)
Cole Stewart (brother)
Claire Stewart (sister)
Allies Charles Meriwether
Children's League (former)
Other Information
Appearances The Darkest Minds
Liam's Story
Never Fade
In The Afterlight
Mentioned In Time

Liam Michael Stewart is a Blue and one of Ruby's traveling companions


Early LifeEdit

Liam grew up in Wilmington North Carolina with his older brother Cole, his little sister Claire (until she passed from IAAN), his mom, and step-father Harry. He, Cole and their mother lived with his abusive birth father until Liam was about two years old. As a teenager, Cole recruited Liam to join the Children's League. After realizing the League had no intention of helping kids, Liam escaped from their Georgia base a few months into his training. He spent a little while on the run until he was caught by a skip tracer and taken to Caledonia, where he befriended Chubs and Jack. With their help, Liam orchestrated a large-scale breakout from the camp. His friend Jack was killed during the escape. As a result of his actions at Caledonia, Liam is highly wanted by the PSFs and an expensive "score" for skip tracers.

The Darkest MindsEdit

When Ruby escaped from Thurmond Camp and Cate, she hides in a minivan nicknamed Black Betty. The van contains Liam, Chubs, and Zu. Liam is considered the leader of the small group. As the book continues, Liam and Ruby have little, sweet moments as they and the others search for the Slip Kid. Once Ruby reveals her true ability, Liam is the only one who feels the same way about her as he did when he thought she was Green. At the end of the book, Ruby erases all of his memories of her when they are captured by the Children's League. He walks away from Ruby, who is now a stranger to him.

Never FadeEdit

Liam is mentioned very little in the beginning of Never Fade. Ruby soon discovers from looking in Liam's brother, Cole, a League agent, that when Cole and Liam saw each other last, Liam accidentally took a flash-drive from his brother that supposedly contains information on the cause and cure of IAAN. Ruby then must find Liam and retrieve the flash-drive.

In the AfterlightEdit

At the beginning of the book, Liam was shown to be against the Children's League. At the end of the book he is in a car with Ruby, Chubs, Zu and Vida.

Through the Dark

Liam is mentioned in : In Time, very briefly in Sparks Rise (he isn't named, but anyone could tell it's him) and Beyond the Night.

Physical Description

Liam is tall and blond, with light blue eyes. He usually leaves his face unshaven and scruffy so that he can pass as an adult. He has a small scar above his lip, which he was told Cole gave to him. In truth, he received it as a baby during an incident with his abusive father. "Liam, our driver, was wearing a beat-up leather jacket, darker across the shoulders where the rain had soaked through. His hair was a light, ashy blond that stood on end when he ran a hand through it....I saw his eyes were blue." (Ruby//The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken// pg 109)!


Ruby DalyEdit

Liam first meets Ruby when he notices her hiding in their minivan after running away from Cate and Rob. At first, Liam seems quite skeptical of Ruby but once she mentions that she ran away from the Children's League he allows her to stay with them even though Chubs was reluctant to the idea. Liam and Ruby's first adventure together starts off pretty much instantly when shots are fired at Black Betty (The black minivan). Liam has three main nicknames for Ruby throughout the series: Green, Darlin', and Ruby Tuesday. Liam grows closer to Ruby through both of the novels as they start to learn more about each other. Liam is definitely in love with Ruby and plans on having an intimate relationship with her. Despite the many troubles they face, they always gravitate back towards each other.

Cole StewartEdit

Cole is Liam's brother, and happens to look extremely similar to Liam. Liam and Cole have a rocky relationship firstly because Cole was part of the Children's League for a long period of time, and Liam believed that what the Children's League was doing was wrong and escaped. Their relationship is quite rocky, but deep down it is shown the Cole clearly loves his little brother, and will do anything to prevent him from getting hurt.

Charles "Chubs" Carrington Meriwether IVEdit

Chubs and Liam met at Caledonia, Liam's camp. They become an unlikely pair of best friends and planned to break out of Caledonia with the camp. When the breakout failed, it put further strain on their relationship despite all of this, Liam and Chubs are always there for each other. Their relationship involves much teasing and a brotherly bond that pulls through all times.