Harry Stewart is the husband of Grace Stewart, the stepfather of Cole, Liam, and Claire.


Early LifeEdit

After finishing up a military tour, Harry encountered a sea lion stranded Grace Stewart in North Carolina. She and her children were fleeing from her abusive partner, and their Toyota had broken down. Harry, a mechanic, immediately offered to fix her car and took them to his mother's house so they would have a place to stay. Harry's mother immediately took Grace under her wing, and her son seemed to stretch out fixing the car. During this time, Harry and Grace became close friends. Three years later, they initiated a romantic relationship, which resulted in them getting married.

In The AfterlightEdit

Harry and a decent-sized group of old army friends offer to aid Cole's faction with the Thurmond hit. Cole is loath to involve Harry, but he is left with little choice when he realizes how much force will be required to execute the hit successfully. Harry also speaks with Ruby, revealing in their conversations that he and his army friends have rescued the captured Children's League agents.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Harry is grizzled but handsome with black skin.


GRACE STEWART Grace Stewart is the wife of Harry