General Information
Age 25
Nicknames Hero (by Zu)
Status Deceased
Physical Description
Gender Male
Family Unnamed Parents
Allies Suzume
Other Information
Appearances In Time
Mentioned In The Afterlight

Gabe was a young adult who tried to find work as a skip-tracer.


In TimeEdit

He abandoned that ambition of becoming a skip-tracer after meeting Zu, in which he helped her escape from other PSFs going after her.

When Gabe had arrived back at the base of Zu with her, Zu's friends had ended up killing him by accident whilst taking him by surprise – thinking he was a skip tracer. Zu refers to Gabe as a "hero", and remained secretive about such events until her interview in the third book, In The Afterlight. There, she was finally able to tell her story clearly to the camera, revealing what had happened to her when she was separated from her friends.


Physical DescriptionEdit


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