Cole Stewart
General Information
Age 21
Nicknames Prisoner 27
Psi Ability Red
Status Deceased
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Family Unnamed Father
Harry Stewart (stepfather)
Grace Stewart (mother)
Liam Stewart (brother)
Claire Stewart (sister)
Allies Children's League (former)
Ruby Daly
Other Information
Appearances Liam's Story
Never Fade
In The Afterlight

Cole Stewart was Liam Stewart's brother and a Agent from the Children's League. He was also secretly a Red and one of the rare few that gained powers after he turn 12.


He was a key agent in planning the attacks against Oasis and Thurmond.

Never FadeEdit

Cole is first introduced as Prisoner 27, the person that Vida and Ruby are trying to rescue during the Op. During this Op, Rob, a corrupted agent in the Children's League, purposely plants a bomb below Vida and Ruby in order to kill them, but the plan backfires. They eventually rescue Cole and bring him back to the Children's League.

In The AfterlightEdit

Following the events of the last book, Cole forms an allegiance with Ruby to gather forces, supplies and people to finally fight back against the rehabilitation camps and free the children inside. Cole wasn't willing to risk Liam's life, though, and Liam took this the wrong way – causing many of their fights. After a talk with Ruby, Cole decides to tell his brother that he was a Red all along, bonding the two and dragging both him and Liam to their final operation together.During the course of the operation, he is captured and killed.


Cole's true personality was very guarded and also extremely hard to assess. During his time throughout the books, he was seen as a guy who put off a lot of "macho bravado." He was a charmer as well. His faux confidence led Ruby to try to delve deep and try to understand why he was so guarded. In reality, his abilities scared him and he let them control him. He was always terrified but he knew that all the psi kids needed someone strong to look up to so he pretended he was someone he was not. Cole, all in all, was a lovely character. He deeply cared for everyone and wanted to protect them at all costs (like Ruby.)

Physical DescriptionEdit

Like his brother Liam, Cole is tall with blond hair and bright blue eyes and a southern accent.


Liam StewartEdit

He and his brother, Liam have a strained relationship. Still, Liam is completely shocked and saddened when he dies.

Ruby DalyEdit

Ruby and Cole relate to each other as both of them have similar and extremely strong powers. Through the course of the series, they develop a sort of brother-sister relationship.