• Withersoul 235


    September 22, 2018 by Withersoul 235

    Hello everyone.

    I went to watch the movie today and loved it, and I'm considering to delve into the books as well. I immediately went to this wiki, where I found out there was no administration. There are still some users here, and so I hereby ask if you would be fine with me adopting the wiki in about a week.

    I only have a few edits right now; so I understand if you do not see me as eligible yet. But you will see more of me throughout the next days, I promise.

    Please comment your thoughts below.



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  • Sagewoods55

    I'm not the person that has friends, I'm the person in the class reading. I have had many friends in the past that have hurt me. Bad. I find  people that I think are good for me but turn out different. For years I was very depressed. I have always loved reading, I feel when I read I  can escape my world. I can go into a life that if full of love, wonder, mystery etc. I found The Darkest Mind book and started to read it. I thought it would just be another book that I read and put back on the self. You know? But, after I started to read the fist chapter, then the next and next. I found myself not wanting to stop reading and I was  feeling happy and only thinking about the book. I finished the book and went on to the next and finished and rea…

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  • InsomniacReader


    January 30, 2015 by InsomniacReader

    'm so sorry that I've been gone for so long but my life had been all over the place last year! I really want to get this wiki up to date however I'm not are what needs to be done/ fixed. If there's anything specific that you think needs to be updates please tell me in the comments below and we can then work out what needs to be fixed. I think it would be best if we worked on one page at a time. Please give me your feedback and what pages you think need to be desperately fixed


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  • InsomniacReader

    To all users

    April 25, 2014 by InsomniacReader

    So I need to add a page for Zu but the problem is I'm not sure of her whole name (If she has one). So if anybody knows her full name could either make a page or tell me her last name? I need a page so I can add her to the character section at the top. Thankyou!


    PS: I'm not sure if this is meant to be posted here or not...I kind of just guessed :')

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